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Foreign trade manager

  • job requirements
  • 1) Bachelor degree or above, foreign trade, English, marketing or engineering and other related professional; 28-40 years old;
    2) more than three years of export or follow the actual combat experience;
    3) Have good customer awareness and communication skills;
    4) fluent in English, cheerful, warm, generous, and good at communicating with people, logical thinking strong;
    5) strong ability to comprehend, good self - learning ability;
    6) good image quality.
  • main responsibilities
  • 1) through the various channels (mainly exhibition) to develop new customers, maintenance of old customers;
    2) do a follow-up tracking orders to ensure the smooth completion of orders;
    3) lead the order operation, and urge subordinates to deal with customer orders, to ensure smooth operation of the order and deal with no
    error. The same time as
    4) to accept customer objections and opinions, and timely processing;
    5) to master the business work and related data, the correct sales forecast table;
    6) to collect visitors to customers, transaction information and timely reporting customers;
    7) to establish a complete customer file;
    8) to complete the task assigned to the higher level.

Vouching clerk

  • job requirements
  • 1, 20 years old, college or above, more than 1 year work experience, a solid company experience of foreign trade certificate staff priority;
    2, work seriously, careful, responsible;
    3, a document work experience, familiar with the declaration certificate;
    3, familiar with the export process, customs declaration, shipping commodity inspection process;
    4, familiar with the rules of lodging charter booking. The same time as
  • main responsibilities
  • 1, contract management, foreign trade document management;
    2, import and export contract declaration finishing;
    3, arrangements for cargo charter booking shipments, as well as container tracking;
    4, responsible for shipment inspection, sorting, to provide clearance required information;
    5, responsible for the letter of credit and the presentation of the single work;
    6, other matters assigned by the higher level.

Sales engineer

  • job requirements
  • 1, college education, electrical or marketing related professional, 25-40 years old, more than 2 years sales experience;
    2, organic, electronics, and other related industry work experience is preferred;
    3, there are welding power sales experience is preferred;
    3, the experience of establishing and managing the dealer system is preferred;
    4, cheerful, strong communication, self-confidence, strong desire for success. The same time as
  • main responsibilities
  • 1, responsible for the development of Shanghai and the surrounding areas of the market to the main terminal customers.
    2, according to the company's product characteristics in the market for promotion and related sales work;
    3, through a variety of ways to information into a contract, and to be safe to perform;
    4, the development of new customers, and gradually establish a company distribution system, follow the distribution management work.

IQC engineer

  • job requirements
  • 1, responsible for incoming inspection abnormal processing, quality information feedback;
    2, responsible for the quality of purchased parts to improve and enhance;
    3, responsible for improving the effectiveness of suppliers to improve the material;
    4, responsible for measuring equipment maintenance and maintenance;
    5, to assist supervisors in training;
    6, the competent account of the task;
  • main responsibilities
  • 1, college education, mechanical and electrical professional priority;
    2, age 25-35 priority;
    3 + 3 years of experience in quality management;
    4, familiar with electronic, structural materials testing standards, testing methods, inspection focus;
    5, master 8D problem-solving methods, familiar with the ISO9001 quality management system, the five major tools;
    6, with the experience of welding equipment industry priority.


  • job requirements
  • 1, general machinery and equipment maintenance more than 2 years
    2, familiar with the oil, gas road basic working principle
    3, can understand the mechanical drawing, understanding of mechanical parts with the tolerance
    4, can endure hardship, practical ability, good at learning
    5, understand the electrical better
  • main responsibilities