1~110/115/120±10%&1-220/230/240VMIG&STICK&AC TIG&DC TIG25%@220A

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  • Bluetooth function inside, can operate and adjust machine data on mobile

  • OLED MIG torch suitable to use, real-time adjsut and display data

  • CE certificate for both LVD and EMC

  • Apply the most innovative soft-switching technology

  • True Multi-process: MIG/Stick/LIFT AC/DC TIG/HF AC/DC TIG in one machine to weld in any condition for multi-material

  • More than double input Voltage: single phase input range from 95Vac to 270Vac, auto-detect function knows what type of input power the machine is connected to

  • Large 5 inch color screen: user friendly for setting synergic parameters on MIG, arc force/hot start on MMA

  • Innovative display has higher pixel density to provide a more clear view of  the TFT screen than other light industrial welders

  • Light weight and portable

  • Less electromagnetic interference on electrical network due to PFC echnology

  • Suitable for generator use

  • Microprocessor precise controlled